Weekly Rewards

To be eligible for the weekly rewards a participant must….

1). Be registered as a participant. (Go here to do so. Only need this once per participant.)

2). Participants must submit their weekly shots online by 10 pm on the Friday of each week. The deadline is Friday at 10 pm! (Go here to log your weekly shots).

Information about weekly prizes….

1). It will be a random drawing based on submissions for that week.

2). Weekly prizes are not based on how many shots a person made. Just a drawing for all those who logged their makes by Friday at 10 pm.

3). Prizes are available for pick up at Shooting Slams ONLY. (Click here for Shooting Slam Info)

4). The specific prize for each will be revealed the Sunday prior by 7 pm via social media and email. The winners from each week will be announced each Sunday by 7 pm. **Both the winner from the previous week and the next week’s prize will be announced at the same time on Sunday’s by 7 pm.

List of potential prizes for each week:

  • Indoor/Outdoor synthetic leather game basketball.
  • 2 club level tickets to a Blazer game.
  • 2 tickets to the Oregon Duck Men’s Game.
  • 2 tickets to the Oregon Duck Women’s Game.
  • Free individual workout with AD Elite Training or Driven Basketball
  • More prizes to be announced as the time gets closer.

If you have a tax-deductible prize you would like to donate please email or call.


541-595-TRBO (8726)

2019 Winners:

Week 6 winner.jpg

Week 4 winners (1).jpg

Week 4 winners.jpg

Week 2 & 7 winners (2).jpg

Week 2 winners.jpg

2019 Week 1 winner.jpg

2018 Winners:

Week 8 winner (2)

Week 6 winners.jpg

Week 5 winners.jpg

Week 4 winners.jpg

Week 3 winners (1).jpg

Week 2 winners.jpg Untitled drawing.jpg