How to Shoot

Quick 2 minute video above!


Ready – Aim – Fire through the following acronym (LYT BEEF)

L –    Legs Loaded

Bend knees in a “L

Shooting pocket forms an “L” (Wrist 90º & Elbow 90º)

Y –    Shooting Hand Position

Shooting hand’s thumb & pointer finger form a”Y” with the wrist

Small space between palm of hand and ball with ball on finger pads


T-    Guide Hand Position

Guide hand fingers point to the sky

Guide hand thump points to the ear

Thumb from shooting hand forms a T with the guide hand thumb

B-    Balance

Proper foot position

Shoulders square to the hoop

Feet pointed to the hoop & land pointed at hoop

Feet shoulder width apart with knees bent or “legs loaded”

E-    Elbow

“Elbow In”. Keep it all in line. With the toe – knee -elbow – wrist all straight in line with each other. As if an imaginary string was pulling them up like a puppet all together.

Shooting elbow is at 90º & KEEP IT that way! 

Lots of young shooters have a tendency to drop their elbow and turn the 90º into a 45º.  This means they are using their arms for strength rather then legs!

Big Toe – Knee – Elbow – Wrist are in a straight line

E-    Eye on target

Find your “Bulls Eye”

Aim for a chip of paint on the rim

Aim for one of the hooks holding the net

SMALL FOCUS point so that if you miss the “bulls eye” you still hit the target (get the ball in the hoop)

F-    Follow Through

Lift the ball with the legs.

Release the ball when feet leave the ground

Follow through = “Reach into the cookie jar” which means a…

relaxed & floppy wrist