Common Questions & Answers

Q:  How much does it cost?

A:  FREE!  Nothing.

Q:  What grades is this for?

A:  1st-8th Boys & Girls

Q: What should my child do when they are shooting?  Do you have suggestions for shooting workouts?

A:  Yes.  We have a page dedicated to shooting improvement.  It includes directions of how to shoot with correct form and offers suggested workout ideas.  Go here.

Q:  For the shots to count as makes for Shooting club do they have to be at a certain basket height or distance from the hoop?

A:  No.  They can be at any distance and at any height.  For your reference 1st-3rd graders play at 8.5 foot hoops and 4th-8th graders play at 10 foot hoops.  We have ONE RULE about shots that do NOT count.  Shots taking place at basketball practice or in games DO NOT count toward shooting club makes.

Q:  For the shots to count as makes for Shooting club do they have to be made with a certain size basketball? 

A: No.  However, here are the recommended size basketballs for each age group.

1st-3rd grade = 27.5

4th-7th grade (boys & girls) = 28.5

8th Grade BOYS = 29.5

8th Grade GIRLS = 28.5

Q: We missed the weekly deadline of Friday at 10 pm. Can my child still log their shots from this past week? Can my child still be eligible for the prizes for the week?

A: Yes, each participant has until the Monday after to log in their shots from the past week. The Friday at 10 pm deadline is for the weekly rewards, so they will not be included in the drawing for the prizes for that week.

Q:  We missed the first ___ weeks of the 8 week period.  Can my child still participate?  Can we register after September 23rd?

A:  Yes, we are accepting registration for possible membership into Shooting club until Sunday, October 21st.  After that date we will be closing registration.

Q:  We signed up late for shooting club is the standard for total makes still the same?

A:  Yes.  The overall makes necessary to make membership is the same.  Click here for those #’s.  In other words, if your child joined 2 weeks late and is an 8th grader.  By November 16th they will still need to make 2000 shots.  They will just have 6 weeks to accomplish that instead of 8.  Resulting in approximately 334 made shots a week.

Q:  We signed up late for shooting club, is my child still eligible for the weekly prizes?


Q:  My child is unable to attend the shooting slam to pick up their prize.

A:  Please have a friend pick it up or pick up at the next shooting slam.

Q:  My child is unable to attend the last shooting slam on Nov 18th to pick up their shirt.

A:  For your convenience, please have a friend or family member swing by shooting slam to pick up your child’s shirt on their behalf.  TRBO does not have an office so we are unable to have participants “stop by” to pick it up if they missed shooting slam.  If your child is playing on a TRBO team we will be able to coordinate a point in the winter season for delivery of your child’s shirt.  This will likely happen at their first tournament.

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